After teaching various philosophy courses as an adjunct instructor in the United States for a few years, one thing I know is that quite often, there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Of course, if you possess the superhuman ability to skip sleep altogether, then you may be able to avoid this issue. I know from experience that whether you are an adjunct or full-time faculty member, if you care about what you do, then you will experience the tension of the limited amount of time you have with the desire to do an excellent job both inside and outside the classroom.

I have began recreating and posting my PowerPoint presentations for philosophy using Teachers Pay Teachers. You can either click on the previous hyperlink or click “PowerPoints” to see the list of PowerPoint presentations for philosophy on this site. All PowerPoint presentations for philosophy cost between $4-5. New products will continually be posted. In addition, you can click “Contact” in order to submit a custom request.

Whether you use one of the PowerPoint presentations for philosophy as is or decide to modify it, either way you will save a ton of time. Even if you modify it you will save hours because you will not have to start from scratch. And, you can easily add images and/or videos as your discretion to fit your specific needs.



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